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“January” is the first coffee table in my series the tables I’m creating to celebrate my 20th year as a furniture maker. This table is made from maple and birch a features a checker pattern created with hand sawn veneer. 


As I've been thinking about how I can help support so many of my friends and neighbors who also have small businesses that are either closed or operating in a reduced way due to the impacts of cororavirus I realized I could do something with this table project. So many of the businesses in downtown Biddeford are owned by friends and have been the key element in revitalizating our downtown. During the duration of the pandemic, I’ll be donating 50% of the sale of each table to a different business. 


50% of the sale of this table, “January” will be be given to The Palace Diner to support their staff. The diner car itself is Maine’s oldest diner car. In 2013 Greg Mitchell and Chad Connely took it over and turned it into a national icon. These guys not only make the best breakfast food I’ve ever had, they’re also talented business owners and an amazing part of Biddeford.


Dimensions: 30"x30"x16"


    All Calendar Project coffee tables are available for local pick up or delivery. If you live outside of the State of Maine please email before purchase to discuss shipping costs.

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